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Payments & Currencies

We accept all major credit cards and in some cases, debit cards will process also.

Currently, our store is set to only checkout in US $ but a drop down box at the top of this page next to your cart icon allows you to see your currency cost all the way up to checkout. Please note this total does not include shipping yet but will be calculated in US $$ at checkout.

Please be mindful of the currency conversion rate for your country and the US $.  It changes daily based on the market economy.  You can check many online sources for the current rates but this is an example using Canada.

Also be aware that whatever payment merchant you use will likely charge a currency conversion fee anywhere from 2.5%-3% of the purchase amount to charge you in your currency and possibly a flat foreign transaction fee.  Check with your credit card company to know the fees!

Here is a helpful article to understand fees your credit card merchant may charge you in a foreign currency purchase: