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Wonderfully Wicked Secret Society

The Wonderfully Wicked concept was created in October 2015 through a secret Facebook group for those looking to find like minded people with positive bad ass attitudes. Since then, Christian and Queenie have welcomed thousands of members into this fun place to make friends, share lives and find support for life's various struggles including relationships, family and addiction recovery. WW has evolved over the years, resulting in a few weddings, divorces, Wicked babies, several romances along with break ups, many lives saved through support and hundreds of friendships that will last a lifetime. Our members are affectionately called "The Wickeds" and demand for the "brand" grew spawning an apparel and accessory line. Not everyone is accepted into the group as we strive to keep the WW vibe with a positive energy and non-judgemental fit balancing the duality of life.  If you would like to request membership into the worst kept secret on Facebook, please private message us on the page for your profile to be reviewed and potentially added to start your journey as a Wicked.....;)

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